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Even the highest-quality machine tools dull over time. This is where Integrity Saw & Tool steps in with our tool regrinding service. We regularly sharpen, regrind and recondition high-speed steel and carbide drills, end mills, routers, blades and custom cutting tools of all types.

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ENGINEERING & SERVICES: Knife Regrinds & Reconditioning. Regrinding technique is one of the strongest influencers of tool performance. To make sure you correctly maintain your knives for your application, ASKO not only performs the grinding but also advises the stock removal parameters, grinding method, and grinding technique.

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Tools are reconditioned to Kennametal original coatings and geometries for like-new performance and reliability. With repeated reconditioning, tooling costs can be reduced by 50% or more in many cases, compared to the cost of purchasing new tools.

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Tru-Edge consistently sets the standard for tool regrinding and reconditioning services. We grind and refurbish solid carbide, coolant fed carbide, carbide tipped, high speed steel, and cobalt high speed steel cutting tool materials.

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Capable of grinding most high performance drill points available in the industry. Re-sharpen just about any rotary cutting tool, milling cutter, tap, etc. Alter standards purchased from a variety of cutting tool suppliers or re-work a tool supplied by the customer in carbide, carbide tipped or high speed steel.

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High precision remanufacturing delivers longer reground tool life and often more regrinds per tool, resulting in significant cost savings in terms of both tooling and machining expenses. Guhring is able to provide factory reconditioning for our own drills, step drills, carbide end mills, and reamers. We can provide the same high-quality service for competitors' tooling as well.

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Tool modifications. At Castelar Tool, we have the ability to modify stock cutters to suit your special requirements. On top of our own line of tooling, we offer the ability to supply and modify other quality tool …

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Designed to help maintain optimal tool condition, Mate ValuGrind accommodates thick turret A-E station, MultiTool, and Trumpf-style Size 1 and 2 tooling. Diamond grinding wheel, measuring 165 mm, has minimal exposure and comes with safety-stop button, tinted polycarbonate safety shield, and diffuser

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the time between regrinds to a matter of hours or even minutes. Our tool-grinding fixture is designed to eliminate inaccuracies and speed up the grinding of cutting tools. This unit can be mounted on the tool

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We provide grinding, regrinding for Carbide and HSS tools including endmills, drills, and a wide variety of other tools. 330-832-4110 Gainey Sharpening Service Inc. is your local sharpening service provider with over 80 years of tooling experience.

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US Tool Group is a multi faceted supplier of innovative tooling solutions including : Integrated Supply Chain Management, Logistical Support, Production Cutting Reconditioning We are the Largest Cutting Tool Reconditioning company in the world.

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Working with John Manley from United Grinding distributor Machine Tool Systems in Toronto, Laflamme purchased a Walter Helitronic Essential CNC tool grinder. The five axis machine is engineered for flexible, economic regrinding and production of rotationally symmetrical tools from 1 to 100 mm in diameter and up to 255 mm in length.

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Tru-Edge Grinding is pleased to announce the purchase of (2) new ANCA FX7 machines with robotic loaders. One of these machines will include a new laser measuring system – a system that will allow tool measuring within the machine envelope.

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The primary benefit of tool reconditioning is obvious: reduction in overall tooling costs. Although many shops regrind their own drills, few shops have given thought to regrinding high performance drills and end mills, even though substantial cost savings can be obtained.

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USTGM regrinds and sharpens all types and most sizes of high speed and carbide cutting tools. These include end mills, drills, reamers, countersinks, spot face tools, counter bores, and woodworking tools. Tools are precision ground to as-new condition.

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Overview ValuGrind™ Tool Grinding System. Mate's ValuGrind™ Tool Grinding System regrinds punches and dies to maintain optimum condition for the highest quality punch press fabrication.

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Practicing the 3 R's of Tool Sharpening: Regrind, Refurbish & Restore. Our goal is to bring your tools back to "New Condition". Our 5 axis ANCA CNC machines are state of the art.

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2012-02-16· Let's say someone regrinds them in their down time or can regrind them for you for $5.00. So instead of costing you $3.00 a change of insert it costs you $1.75. Win you might say. So instead of costing you $3.00 a change of insert it costs you $1.75.

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The maximum length for OD grinding is 7.8", or 9" for face grinding. Maximum tool weight is 44 lbs, and maximum wheel diameter is 8". Maximum tool weight is 44 lbs, and maximum wheel diameter is 8". The grinder is equipped with ANCA-designed LinX linear motors in the X and Y axes, while the vertical Z axis uses a preloaded ballscrew to move the grinding head.

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Tru-Edge is a specialist with the ANCA CNC tool grinding machines, regrinding and manufacturing with the TG7's and with OD grinders and centerless grinders. The TG7 does the fluting and finish work plus an RGX, which is designed for regrinding but can also do limited manufacturing.

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2009-01-29· Just wondering what current thoughts are on regrinds. Do you send out tools to be reconditioned? I've been approached by a local grinder who has a Star CNC. He has asked me to consider if I would pursue this type of business. Of course he does full blown specials too. Many of the shops I sell to don

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Counter Boring tools wear on the end cutting face and can easily be restored by grinding the end teeth back to an un-worn section. The tool is returned without alteration to the original counter boring diameter.

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Our standard lead time for all regrinds is 2 weeks. If coating is needed, add an additional week. "I have been dealing with J&C grinding for several years now without issue, they are a company that will work with you to get it right.

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As an industry leader, Taylor Toolworks Ltd regrinds your tooling back to manufacturer's specifications. Our in-house PVD Coating Centres add the life to your tooling you can count on. The demands by today's sophisticated customers dictate the need for precision ground tools, tight tolerances and increased tool life. Taylor Toolworks Ltd has the expertise and commitment to their customer ...

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High Quality Grinding: Our Regrinds offer consistent tool life and we know performance is everything. Our processes are no different from original tool manufacturing. We believe that the equipment we use, experience of our staff and quality control make all the difference …

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Overview ValuGrind™ Tool Grinding System. Mate's ValuGrind™ Tool Grinding System regrinds punches and dies to maintain optimum condition for the highest quality punch press fabrication.